Water Resistant Jewelry....how?


Nanda Jewelry's line was born on the vision of having quality, long-lasting fashion jewelry that wouldn’t break the bank. Our solution: medical-grade stainless steel with a much stronger gold plating process!



Why 316L stainless steel?

It's an extremely durable metal that will not rust or tarnish...good-bye green skin! It's the same material used to create surgical tools because of it's long-lasting properties along with low nickel levels (which makes it hypoallergenic). 

What makes our gold plating better? 

It is called PVD – Physical Vapor Deposition-  and it is the most modern coating process available that makes the color last longer than your last relationship.

 Why do we love it?

  • Durability, durability!
  • Rolex and Cartier watches, the best kitchen pots and pans are made of it
  • Less likely to cause allergies!
  • Very likely to make you fall in love forever!