Meet the Team

We couldn't do all we do without the support of some very wonderful ladies! 


Digital Media

Grace is a lifelong artist and has explored a variety of mediums including chalk pastel, watercolor, acrylic, graphite pencil, and marker. In late 2021, she began to experiment with Digital Art using the ProCreate App and an Apple Pencil. Here are some recent examples of her artwork, both physical and digital.




Copy and Creative

Artist and designer. Kind of specific and admittedly dark sense of humor. Her bio says: "Just here to laugh at myself and sometimes make pretty things. A little of  everything— From stickers to wall décor to logos to greeting cards!" 

Check our her designs here:





Julie grew up in Rio De Janeiro and came to California to follow her dreams!

"My life stories are in pictures and now I tell stories through images I capture!!

My dad is a photographer and I have all my life in pictures. I couldn’t be more grateful for that. And I wish everyone could have the same. Photographs can tell you so much about everything. Your story, your personality, your passion, your feelings."

Check out her awesome photos here