How to Clean Your Gold Jewelry

How to Clean Your Gold Jewelry - Nanda Jewelry

If you've bought our jewelry before, you know you shouldn't have to worry about it tarnishing. Because they are made of stainless steel and thus rust free, our jewels will not turn "green" or "copper."

They can, however, begin to lose their natural shine after being worn several times. This is due to the accumulation of oil and other chemical residues that may come into contact with the pieces (i.e.: lotions, suntan, perfume).

If you always remove your jewelry before going to bed, clean it with the polishing cloth that came with your purchase before storing it in your jewelry box.

If you don't take your jewelry off on a regular basis (like me), remove it every few weeks and polish it for shine.

Once there is a lot of oil buildup, we recommend soaking the pieces in a bowl with warm water and a little neutral soap. You can leave the jewelry in there for approximately 30 minutes. Then immediately rinse and dry the pieces. To finish, use the polishing cloth to remove any remaining build-up and you're done! Your Nanda Jewelry is shiny again!

Cleaning Gold Jewelry

Please remember that all gold-plated jewelry will eventually fade! We use the best plating technique to ensure your pieces last much longer than most competitor pieces...however, regular exposure to chemicals such as chlorine, salt water, perfume, and body lotions will accelerate the breakdown of the gold layers.

To avoid scratches, we recommend storing pieces with a smooth layer of gold plating, such as the Grace Ring and the Gabby Hoops, in the pouch included with your purchase.

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