Behind The Brand

Nanda Jewelry - Luxury Fashion Jewelry

Nanda Jewelry has been a dream in the making for a long time – l have wanted to design and offer my own fashion line for as long as I can remember.  And the push to make Nanda Jewelry a reality came every time a friend or acquaintance asked me where I had purchased my clothes or jewelry or asked for my help finding pieces that were “just as nice”.  With every request from friends to help elevate their wardrobe a few levels, the idea to create a special store offering the very best jewelry and fashion accessories was reinforced in my mind.  And here we are! This is not only the fulfillment of a dream, it’s a chance for me to share my carefully curated fashion and jewelry selections with you!  I built Nanda Jewelry from the ground up with that goal in mind, so I hope you enjoy shopping the site and that you really enjoy wearing your Nanda Jewelry!  

"Made with tarnish resistant base metals, each piece is durable, low maintenance and easy to wear without skin irritation. Whatever your look, our jewelry is designed for you to mix, match, and make them your own!"

About our pieces: All of our pieces are made of stainless steel and then plated in 18 karat gold.  We use medical-grade stainless steel so the pieces are hypoallergenic – they won’t irritate your skin and they are highly resistant to any form of tarnish, even if the pieces get wet.  However, if your jewelry is not properly cared for, the gold plating could begin to rub off, so please always store them somewhere where they won’t rub against other pieces and ensure they don’t get exposed to harsh chemicals. If you found yourself shopping Nanda Jewelry, it is because you know what you like and you know we always offer the best and latest trends. From gothic to dainty pieces, you’ll find options to please every taste and style. Happy shopping! Oh, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram wearing your Nanda Jewelry!