5 Jewelry Pieces to Take on Vacation

5 Jewelry Pieces to Take on Vacation - Nanda Jewelry

Do you ever have trouble finding the right jewelry to go with your outfits when packing for a vacation? We used to, too, but now we've found a simple solution to our problem! If you pack these five items, you'll be prepared for any occasion, from mornings at the gym to afternoons at the beach to fun evenings out in town.

The best part about vacationing in Nanda Jewelry is that all of our pieces are water & tarnish resistant  - so you can have fun and not worry about damaging your pieces!  

1) The first essential vacation item is the Luna Herringbone Necklace.  With its sleek and shiny design, it'll add that added sparkle while out in the sun, as well as be the stand-out piece to do with that cocktail dress.

2) We'd then pair it with its matching bracelet -  the Eve! It'll add that same wow factor to your wrists as the Luna adds to your neck!

3) For earrings, we'd either pack: 

James Stud Earrings

Lastly we'd pack two rings


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